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I never intended for this comic to take up of much of my time just something to do while I overhaul my other strip, but once the juices start flowing I couldn't stop, of course that means I was neglecting my main comic "STIFFS" ( so in order to get back to "STIFFS" I decide that "JAH'MEL'S CHEAP THRILL should be done in seasons just like television show, which makes since since some of the inspiration for "JAH'MEL'S" was old school variety shows like "Laugh in" ,"The Carol Burnett Show" and "In Living Color with this format I have the freedom to do random joke-of-the-day-comics and have a regular cast, the best part I can go back to "STIFFS" and not feel guilty about not updating "JAH'MEL'S".

Now that doesn't mean you should just abandon "JAH'MEL'S" until season two while I'm taking a break I need you if you like what I've been doing at "JAH'MEL'S" (and the numbers seem to back that up) tell a friend, tell two, hell tell one hundred friends if you have them and make sure they tell all of their friends lets us grow this comic into a great group people with a great sense of humor and sense of community where we help each and have a good laugh.

One last thing before I go, if you haven't done it already please sign-up to have comics/blogs sent directly to your email this way you can get updates on the exact date season two is going to start, you will only receive comics/blog I will never spam you or sell your email to anyone else as always I thank you in advance

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